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Reviews of your music?

You are an artist (or from a label) and want me to write a review of your stuff?

Here's what you have to know:

First - this blog is just my own private fun and the rule for most of my reviews is that they are about recent purchases of recently released music, which means that in the year 2525 I will mostly post about albums, DVDs etc. from 2525.

Sometimes I will also review something from the previous years, which I have only just bought (or re-issues of even older albums), but I don't cover these categories even close as thoroughly, because otherwise I wouldn't be doing anything else than this shit here.

I seldom write about promo streams / downloads!

I'm in several promo mailing lists where labels are sending me download links to review their material and honestly most of those remain unheard and fizzle out with me.
The most common instance in which I review downloads, is when I have spent money for them or was lucky to grab a code which was posted in a facebook group.

So what I'm saying is: If you seriously want to read a review here (which will either be in English or German, depending on my mood or the first idea popping into my head), I preferably need a physical copy.
If you send me something I can hold in my hands, chances are actually very high that I'll feature it here. Only if unfortunately I find your music to be shitty through and through I think it's better for both of us to keep it away from my blog.

So that's it!

My mailing address for any material is:

Stephan Ohlsen
Pulser Str. 25
25593 Reher