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fucking sheep! (made me drop my toycam)*

*not a punk rock song title

[Disclaimer: The particular sheep photographed below did nothing wrong.]

Here's a film I shot on expired 35 mm Lomography Colour Negative 800 film with my La Sardina Belle Starr camera in October 2021.

Unfortunately at one point I thought it was a good idea to put the cam in the pocket of my leather jacket, so that I could take a picture of a herd of sheep with my smartphone. Shit idea! Not only sucked the picture (so I deleted it), but also the La Sardina fell to the ground and lost its back cover. Of course I lost some exposures and had (as so often actually quite welcome) light leaks on others due to this incident. And since a little plastic part had broken off, I had to constantly hold the cam together and apply pressure while filling the rest of the film. Which was too annoying, so I gave up after a handful of pictures. At least this damage is repairable once you get your hands on a spare back cover - which thankfully might happen soon!



It's still January, so I think it's also still ok to cover releases from last year, right? Here's a bunch of stuff, which I just bought too late to review it in 2021:

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS - Revenge Of The Visitors (gold, red and blue swirl vinyl Earth Ride edition LP) (2021)

Somehow this album got my attention, while I was browsing for tapes, but ultimately the vinyl version landed on my wantlist and sat there for a while until I finally got my hands on it. Lucky me, because the unique mix of post punk, shoegaze, (death) metal/core (or whatever?) and a dozen more or less likely ingredients is just as captivating as it is strange. And I guess the naturalness with which the silly, catchy sweetness and the heaviness find together in this music, is kind of a typical Japanese thing. Or at least it presents itself in a way that makes me think that? I hear some elements which remind me of Envy's "The Fallen Crimson" or Boris' pop album "Attention Please!".
But then what I think is not always right. So I still thought that "Revenge Of The Visitors" was the reissue of a classic, when it was already spinning on my turntable, while in truth in the style of artists like Sodom and Taylor Swift it's actually a present-day re-recording of the 1994 debut CD "The Visitors From Deepspace"! It still looks super 90s though: the cover artwork with its good idea being almost ruined by layout and typo choices is totally of that time. Interestingly the coloured vinyl really kind of legitimizes and saves the rest. Yeah, this looks cool now. Still weird, but that's exactly what this album requires.
The songs are the same as on the original, the only difference being that the opener - a cover song from The Cure - has been renamed from "Killing An Arab" to "Killing Another" by the original artist in the years between the releases. From what I have compared, the music of the original must have been a completely mind-blowing experience back then, but the production really didn't stand the test of time. This new version sounds superior in every way and is also performed better. So yes, if you want to transfer your own old music into new times and keep it relevant - this is how you do it.

GNOD - La Mort Du Sens (CD) (2021)

Gnod are known to be quiet fluid in form and style, so this new album being the blatant reprise of "Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine" that it is, comes as a little surprise. However it's a good one. The throwback to the sound of the 2017 angry psych classic with the even more iconic cover artwork is actually very welcome. This is in no way a one to one copy, but the politically charged, punkish English working class spirit, embedded in a huge, smashing and hypno-tantalizing machine of industrial noise frenzy, perfectly hits the same nerve - brutally, repeatedly and merciless. "La Mort Du Sens" sits halfway between the "Filth" of Swans and Ministry's ""Filth Pig", adds some heavy psych overtones and doesn't shy away from throwing either some dirty fucking La Muerte rock'n'roll or a wild saxophone on top of it. The just anger and pulverizing bass of this album might fuck you up or call you to action - in the best case both. I almost feel like I want to blow right-wing light-brain anti-vaxers from the streets with this. They don't deserve to hear this great shit though. Clearly a hot AOTY list candidate, if I had only gotten it earlier! Just like the LP the CD comes in a gatefold with a cutout cover, so you can change the colour of whatever this is supposed to be from blue to red.

ST. VINCENT - Daddy's Home (LP) (2021)

Yeah, this is another one which would have really messed my 2021 favorites list up, especially the category of huge pop music releases. Which almost sounds like an insult when you speak about the work of singer and multi-instrumentalist Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. The dry electronic funk of "Masseduction" still lies at the foundation of some tracks on "Daddy's Home", but she so skillfully and confidently adds so many more exciting facets to her music - something new on each and every song - it's a pure joy to travel with her. There's Americana, lots of 70s rock, even pinches of Motown. And so much awesome and beautiful guitar and vintage synthesizer goodness. And damn, no matter what this woman does, her songwriting and arrangements are just world-class.

If you don't fall in love with this album at the latest after its fourth track "Live In The Dream" - a six-and-a-half-minute psychedelic Beatles worship ballad for the gods - you probaly have no soul. Or maybe it's just not your thing. Anyway, you won't get this masterpiece of a record. It's not a double album, so the scope can't match the reference, but in terms of addiction potential and sheer quality this is pop close to Janelle Monáe's "The ArchAndroid" level for me! St. Vincent just got the vibes. "You can't hide from me." she sings. You're right Daddy, we can't.

ALMEIDA | LOPES | ERNSTING - Misanthrope (CD) (2021)

But now back from the popular limelight to the world of the obscure! Fittingly (at least if you interpret the cover as a very abstract Christmas tree) released on December 25th, "Misanthrope" is a quite dark and gloomy, but also super busy and exciting live improvisation by Albatre bandmates Gonçalo Almeida and Phillipp Ernsting with guitarist Luís Lopes. In six tracks with a total playing time over 55 minutes the trio hits a whole bundle of nerve fibres between Pulled By Magnets and Dead Neanderthals, Sumac and Naked City in me.

The physical release on CD (limited to 50 copies) on the Indian label Subcontinental Records is a rather unspectaculary package coming in a slim tray, but it looks fine - and undoubtly has amazing  inner values.

cassette craze chronicles XIV (feat. BHPL, HADEWYCH, KIRRIL and METH DRINKER)

Sentient Ruin Laboratories already received the treatment of an exclusive  label post in my cassette craze chronicles back in October. Now it's time for one of those special editions again, this time with the contents of my latest shipment from Tartarus Records.

Judging from the cover artwork all of these four releases could easily be devastating sludge metal monsters, right? Yet as soon as you know that only of them actually is that, there's little doubt which one... 

METH DRINKER - Meth Drinker (2011/2020)

Yeah, this must be what happens once you drink a little too much meth. Fooooohhhhck! The 2020 reissue of Meth Drinker's debut from eleven years ago sounds exactly as if someone had swallowed a barrel of toxic sludge and vomited it straight into your face. In other words: delicious! Apart from a little breather in the middle, which also shows that these guys don't take themselves too serious, this is all just abhorrent, filthy mayhem. Song titles like "Incurable Illness", "Skull Smashing Concrete" or "Broken Down And Used Up" are perfectly representing the creeping and crushing bleakness and brutality of this reeking mess of a tape. Definitely one to spin when you don't have the time for Primitive Man's "Caustic".

HADEWYCH - Mes (2022)

The enigmatic dark music collective Hadewych celebrates a probably more "sophisticated" kind of post-apocalyptic sound, but that doesn't make them any less impactful.  "Mes" wanders from abyssal ambient to early laibachian industrial and black metal to majestic Sunn O))) meets Ulver drone greatness with cinematic choirs, all accompanied by an ominous Dutch narration.
The tape comes in one of those noble black boxes, which may not be practical for shelving, but damn, I still love them since the luxury editions of Mizmor's studio albumsIF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT "MES" - I'VE ALREADY WRITTEN A DEEPER DIVE INTO THE ALBUM ON VEILOFSOUND.COM!

KIRRIL - Kirril (2021)

Enough with the guitars now! Kirril's self-titled album shows us how it sounds when a Dutch industrial producer, who's aim is "to make bleak, dytopian, dark psychedelic music, inspired by the turbulent nightlife", loses said nightlife for you know what reasons. The beats are broken, the bass sounds are crumbling, and without noticable rudiments of melody this should be super depressing. And while this suite of closely related tracks, numbered in Roman numerals, without a doubt is the most consistently negative work of this bunch of tapes, its crispy and juicy production makes it an oddly satisfying experience. Imagine you're standing alone in the broken ruins of a discotheque, surrounded by smoke and fire, but someone right beside you tingles your brain with weird ASMR noises. For fans of The Bug and YouTubers rumbling yoghurt pot caps next to your ear drum.

BHPL - BHPL (2021)

I think we have already established that humanity's going down, but unlike Kirril the duo BHPL, named after a gas leak disaster in Bhopal, India, isn't letting it happen without a wild exhausting dance. I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the rather boring distorted industrial metal vocals on this one, but the synths and in your face EBM/techno beats are killer!
It's only a twenty-five minute EP with the same content on both cassette sides, but since this slaps you with every beat, that's just the right lengths before your cheeks begin to bleed. "BHPL" gets a big fuckyeah on my imaginary rating scale.

And yeah, before I forget it: this a picture of my Tartarus haul, which also includes the first music label longsleeve shirt I've ever bought - for obvious feline reasons. Meow.


2021 digital latecomers (feat. SPINIFEX, THISTLE and TUSKS)

Since we don't know yet, if there will even be Bandcamp Fridays this year, I guess I'm just going to highlight some stuff I downloaded without a specific occasion from time to time. Today let's take another look back on previous year, with one freebie I got gifted from Stoned To Death and two releases which waited long ebough on my wishlist and now finally found their way into my digital collection:

THISTLE - Teleopsia (2021)

This mini album of the Czech/Finnish electronic duo Thistle draws you into an almost meditative environment of hypnotic ambience, without lingering on any idea so long that it gets torturous.
Even though it drifts into some darker places, it remains a soothing affair. Don't mind the dangers! In this vessel you can close your eyes, lay back and be safe. Have an epiphanic journey! "Teleopsia" is also available as a limited cassette edition.

TUSKS - Change EP (2021)

Last year's EP by singer/songwriter Emily Underhill aka Tusks is also at home in the realm of droning electronic ambient music, but shows you that this categorization in itself is quite loose, because the ethereal vocals and wafting dream pop appeal of these three tracks - which are all reprised in instrumental versions - leads you to a completely different place in your imagination than Thistle. Even though they don't go far beyond the five-minute-barrier, the songs on "Change" use their layered textures to build impressively vast and beautiful landscapes. Apart from the need for more I can find nothing not to love about this little art pop gem.

SPINIFEX - Spinifex Beats The Plague (2021)

And finally here's one longer album, which breaks the one-hour-mark. It's also hands down one of the best jazz releases of all year and crying to be put out there in some physical format. The title already tells you, that this is one of those pandemic times works, but you can be sure that Spinifex don't wallow in self-pity, but meet the viral shit show with a fight! Each and every one of the nine tracks, which range from under one to over thirteen minutes length, is a big energetic fuck you with just the right mixture of powerful positivity and artistically resolved anger. With a line-up of bass (I've mentioned Gonçalo Almeida before in this blog), guitar, drums and a wind/brass section of two saxophones and trumpet, Spinifex alternate between sounding like the most brassy instrumentals of prog/funk/soul/metal/whatever fusionists Thank You Scientist helped out by Turkish avant-garde jazzers Konstrukt, including some nods to their orientalisms. The drive and vibe also points to John Zorn's covers of Ornette Coleman, and in the shortest tracks even to the noisier projects which followed later in his discography. The songwriting of this heavy jazz rock album is quite intricate, at its best even rivaling the mastery of Yazz Ahmed, while being decidedly rougher around the edges. The dirty bass, wild drumming and those jumps into pure jazzcore territory take care of that. This is the shit. Awesome!

harineweekly 02/52

If you missed the explanation last time:

This is my new 52 weeks series, where I show recent pictures taken with my Digital Harinezumi 3.0. If there's a story to tell about certain photos, I might share it. Today... rather not. It's just the usual rural stuff.