Most posts are in german, yet sometimes I switch to english. The title of this blog changes from time to time.
If the title is displayed in Comic Sans, please refresh the site! That's unless you really dig Comic Sans of course.
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Da mir gerade danach ist, andere Fotografen zu lobpreisen, hier ein paar Highlights aus meinen aktuellen flickr-Galerien:

tyson° (the beast)
(Fotograf: stefan kalscheid / Galerie: To Mega Therion)

schlaflos in Berlin
(Fotografin: das ° / Galerie: It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City)

(Fotograf: Michal J.P. / Galerie: Bokasm)

(Fotograf: frama² / Galerie: I Am The Sea)

I am what I have found
(Fotograf: Lomo-Cam / Galerie: Brazil)

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