Most posts are in german, yet sometimes I switch to english. The title of this blog changes from time to time.
If the title is displayed in Comic Sans, please refresh the site! That's unless you really dig Comic Sans of course.
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title history

Seit einer Layoutänderung im Dezember 2015 variiere ich ab und zu den Titel dieses Blogs, welches bis dahin stolze zehn Jahre lang einfach "Der Ohlsen bloggt..." hieß.

Since December 2015 I'm changing the name of this blog every few weeks. ;)

  • Der Ohlsen bloggt...
  • Alle Zebras nehmen heimlich Drogen. Muss man wissen. 
  • Hemmungslose O-Saft-Party außer Rand und Band
  • Where the fuck did Monday go?
  • Schnitzel with noodles for all
  • It's a mi mi mi World
  • It's my Me Me Me World and I despise all of you egocentrics!
  • Keks und Kornkraft
  • Unter der Schmusekuppel
  • "All these words are dust within my mind"
  • Open up the sludge gates!
  • "Put me down where I can see you run! You run! You run!"
  • brumm_brumm_tuet_tuet.exe
  • Spandex, Leather, Denim, Funk
  • The Mortality of Cookie Dough
  • Widerglas ist wecklos
  • Blog of Unhearing / Blog of Unseeing
  • Produkt- und Eventtheke mit Frischegarantie plus gratis Gesichtswurst für die Lütten
  • Everything you really need to know about Easter right now
  • Illegalize time and gravity!
  • pulse of the nervous moon
  • Babocalyptic Raids (wissen wer der Emperor ist)
  • Turn loose the Comic Sans
  • Something is blogged ... nothing is gained
  • spamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspam
  • dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom dooDoom
  • Die Verkundigung des Witzes
  • Be not entangled with the universal lie o blog of truth
  • Create Likes, Facebook Boy
  • This Blog Is All Mine
  • Bell of Doom, Bell of Doom, tolling all the way
  • Blog Self
  • Am I already running out of new names for this shit?
  • Also sprach der Reptiloidenkönig
  • a collection of blackholes shitting into the void
  • Post festival Depression
  • confusion is the mind's nature
  • People we need to wake up! This is serious!
  • Blog and Existence
  • Hirnschweißauffangbecken
  • Some people just want to watch the world burp.
  • step-by-step instructions for the unfucking of humanity
  • Come on, give this blog a new title already! That "unfucking of humanity" thing bores me!
  • important European election information: Wählt die Partei "Die PARTEI"! Sie ist sehr gut.
  • Für das Internet reicht's.
  • password12345678qwertzui
  • The fleeb is rubbed, because it has all of the fleeb juice.
  • En ce blog commence la fin des fins, le chaos des apocalypses...
  • Hey Flat Earthers, is man-made diaper change real or a hoax?
  • We are forging the future! (starting in the year 2525)
  • Go choke on your fucking pasta, you stupid hoarders!
  • It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.
  • This is the water and this is the blog. Read full and descend.
  • Who will read this when all we are, all we are is dust?
  • More than life interested me, so that I dared to blog on the door of the cosmos.
  • Can we please stop idolizing Santa Klaus Kinski? Thank you.
  • Pizza, Erinnerung, Traum und Vergessen
  • Ok. So you're seriously thinking everything is going to get better now?
  • prisoNoFinfinitY
  • the web must be destroyed
  • burning the midnight road
  • But what is a blog, if not egotism persevering?

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