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splitting Ljubljana

Yes, I'm a little late with this, but after having shared my other film pictures (Holga panorama pinhole and Adox Golf) from my visit to Ljubljana here, I thought it would be right to finish this with the 35 mm double exposures I took with my new Split-Cam.

I'm honestly a little surprised right now that I didn't devote a blog post to this toy camera back in 2014, but probably I was too frustrated at the time, because it broke only after a few films.

Well, I had given it another try and bought a new one especially for Ljubljana.

What this little thrash cam does is pretty self-explanatory and similar to devices like the Lomo Splitzer. First you expose one half of the frame, then the other. At least in theory. Actually it's mostly about two thirds of the frame which you expose, so there's much overlapping, which often results in more subtle effects than I had first expected.

These are not even all photos I took with it, but already a huge selection. To see more (and also my 2014 Split-Cam stuff from Amsterdam, Tilburg and Neumünster) please check out my album on flickr!



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