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"Artist XYZ just dropped a track / a video / an album / etc."

Man, how I hate this phrase. As if they were clumsy and just couldn't hold it in their hands.

PSYCHIC LEMON - Live AD 2017 (download) (2018)

But well, the british psych rockers Psychic Lemon, whose recent album "Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay" I just reviewed a couple of days ago, have dropped a nice little thingy on bandcamp.

In celebration of their thousandth like on facebook we get a free (or pay as much as you want) live EP. It's one half-hour track which includes the four songs "Satori Disko", "Hey Droog!", "White Light" and "You're No Good" - and hell, this kicks ass!

It's a rough recording, but it's highly enjoyable. Psychic Lemon are definitely a tad wilder on stage than in the studio, so anyone who needs some psych excess with a high headbangability somewhere between the "Live At Roadburn" albums from Hills and The Heads should check this out!

Highlights: Come on, this is relatively short. Just listen to the whole thing!

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