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THE HEADS - 'Burning Up With....

Before I move on to the Saturday and Sunday reports of Roadburn 2016, let me insert a quick throwback to last year's festival, to Saturday, April 11th 2015, when the Artists in Residence played their second show on the Main Stage of Tilburg's 013 venue.

Every year sees a special vinyl release on Roadburn. After Napalm Death's "Our Pain Is Their Power" EP and last year's blue edition of Bongripper's "Hate Ashbury", it was now the turn for a live recording of The Heads.

Burning Up With.... THE HEADS (pink 2LP) (2016)

The colour design of the gatefold double LP is atrocious, the labels on the records are hardly readable and the vinyl comes in a limited edition of either pink or green. *brrr*

So in this regard everthing is already perfect. It would be even nicer though if they had just done one edition and mixed the colours up, so that there would be one pink and one green record in each copy.

The pressing quality is flawless.

The music is fuzzy as fuck, because hey - it's The fucking Heads.

It's sprawling and primitive, space and punk at the same time.

If you were there you already know that it's good.

And if not, listen to this and you'll know!

The psych is great in this one.

Yeah, this review is poor as poo. But come on, there is nothing essential to describe or explain here. Just four Brits, playing a highly enjoyable masterful spacefuzzed concert at Roadburn.

Who needs more to have fun?

Anspieltipps: KRT, Cardinal Fuzz, Couleur Be..., Spliff Riff

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