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Sometimes you just need a break.

There is a lot of gloomy heavy stuff in my recent music rotation. So it's a welcome change of pace between albums like the new ones from Loss, The Bug Vs. Earth, Dead Neanderthals, Laibach or Temple Ov BBV to spin something that is not only deep, dark, droning and dragging - but that's also really demanding, depressing, twisted and painful to listen to.

Enter The Poisoned Glass.

THE POISONED GLASS - 10 Swords (LP) (2016)

Having seen this experimental drone duo live in 2016 I've been interested in this album for quite a while, but never actually bought it - until there was a sale at Ritual Productions a few weeks ago. So it doesn't fall under my rule that I review mainly stuff from the ongoing year now. But this shit is just too good to keep quiet, so I will at least give The Poisoned Glass a quick shoutout.

The music mainly relies on bass BASS, organ and samples, performed in medium Sunn O))) speed. So it's a more than solid, consistent, sometimes even majestic drone. Neither the deepest, loudest nor most layered the genre has heard, but very deliberate and precise in its controlled noisiness.

The Poisoned Glass live at Roadburn
The overall impression however is one of piercing, torturous nastiness and overwhelming spiteful despair. The reason for this is mainly the almost gollum/sméagol-like, distorted and overacted, but at the same frighteningly primal vocal performance.

It requires getting used to, but I guess even after a long while you can only accustom to it to a limited extend. "10 Swords" remains a challenging, uncomfortable listening experience.

Which is perfectly fine with me. Just look at the freaking cover! This record has to hurt.

And it hurts good, very good.

Highlights: Toil And Trouble, Silent Vigil, Eels

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