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MIZMOR - Yodh: Live At Roadburn 2018

Ok, let's bridge the time until the release of my Saturday review of Roadburn 2019 with some other related content! Like this new Roadburn Records CD I brought with me.

MIZMOR - Yodh: Live At Roadburn 2018 (CD) (2018)

Mizmor's performance of their full album "Yodh" in the Koepelhal last year was a mighty masterclass of modern (or better: timeless) black and doom metal.

Even though one could have edited some of the longer pauses between the five 10+ minutes epics, this recording does a great job of capturing the impressive, overwhelming essence of this show. It's pummeling, monumental and just a hellish fine listening pleasure.

The artwork is also clever, but sadly not as fabulously meme-able as the studio album cover.

Mizmor live at Roadburn
All in all I can't see many convincing reasons not to own this:

Too much music and not enough money? Ok, I get that one.
You hate extreme metal and are only really into K-pop? Yes, that too.
You are worse then Hitler? Alright, you shouldn't even read this. Seriously, what are you doing here? Go back to Austria!

But any other excuse is just lame, man. "Yodh: Live At Roadburn 2018" rules!

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