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Nine Eleven 2016

Wow, I am really late with this.

But it happened and I feel it has to be addressed!

So hereby I declare
that this ninth day of November 2016

shall be etched in my memory

as the day

when I spun my first John Coltrane record.

And what can I say? I really should have done it twentyfive years ago already!


And that other thing...

that huge orange dump the US just shat on the world...

I could fill endless columns with my disgust and anger
and with my fear
that the next german election will in no way have a better outcome.

 Village idiots seem to fuck the whole world right now.
And in the long term,
with climate change
and the shortage of natural recources
the whole global fuckery will never get better.

But I'm just tired now.

This blog normally isn't the place where I write about politics anyway.
But of course this is not just about "politics".
It's about much more basic principles of being civilised.
There are things that are just out of any sane discussion.

So let me just say this:

No matter if you just randomly stumbled here
or if you're here for some music review or photographic stuff;
No matter if you are an American who had the right to vote
or not (more likely since is a german blog);

No matter how crooked you think Hillary Clinton is;

If you really think there is any reasonable excuse
or justification
for having elected
Rapey McRapeface,
a mysogynistic racist,
endorsed by the K fucking K fucking K,
who wants to bang his own daughter:

Just leave this site and don't ever return.

I'm as tired of you stupid fucks
as I'm tired of Pegida and AfD Nazis.

I'm tired of having a thousand reasons to be ashamed
to be male,
to be white,
to be german,
to share this planet with millions of racist idiots
every fucking day.

So, das musste mal raus, sonst kotze ich mich hier noch ein.

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