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Photography 2016

Oisterwijk, Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

Besides choosing my musical favorites of the year it has also become a December tradition for me to look back on what I've done in terms of photography.

The previous few years have been pretty similar in that I didn't shoot literally dozens to hundreds of films like I used to a while before, but mainly concentrated on a few periods of time. So I shot several films in my music-free spare time during my stay for the Roadburn Festival in April, and I also had a very long tourist day while being in Ljubljana in early September.

Other than that there were weeks and months without any film camera activity, the main reason for that (besides work) being that again I just spent my free time with other things, especially music.
Which means that at least my Digital Harinezumi 3.0 and my new Harinezumi 4.0, which I bought at the beginning of the year, got a lot of attention, be it for just covering what was up on my record player or taking live pictures at concerts.

The big bummer of this year was of course my hard drive crash and data loss drama in which I not only lost many pictures I had taken between December and April, including a bunch of my Roadburn coverage, but also many film scans. Of course I still have the film material, so at least this shit isn't really lost forever. But I had just finally finished working on all my remaining scans from 2015 and the frustration of losing them due to my lack of back-up disclipine was so frustrating that of course most of those scans still need to be repeated.

I also almost passed this very 2016 review because I didn't want to remind myself of this shit, but fuck it, what are my little luxurious hobby problems against the state of the world in general?

So here's a quick run through my photographic 2016:

Started with a walk right on New Year's Eve ...

Schleswig-Holstein, Kiev 88

Schleswig-Holstein, Kiev 88

... did some digital toycam walks, of which most pictures are lost now ...

Heide, Harinezumi 4.0

Schleswig-Holstein, Harinezumi 4.0

Schülpersiel, Harinezumi 4.0

Hamburg, Harinezumi 4.0
... used the rare occasion of real winter for some hardcore redscale shots ...

Schleswig-Holstein, Tori (Diana F+)

Schleswig-Holstein, Tori (Diana F+)

... shot a couple of other interesting films ...

Elmshorn, Holga GN

Reher, Holga GN

Wesselburen, Tori (Diana F+)

Wesselburen, Tori (Diana F+)

... and celebrated Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day ...

Kellinghusen, Holga Wide Pinhole Camera

Kellinghusen, Holga Wide Pinhole Camera

... brought some nature shots from my annual trip to the Netherlands ...

Oisterwijk, Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

Oisterwijk, Jelly Cam

Oisterwijk, Adox Golf
Then came the crash plus the usual photographic summer break. 

September started with a trip to Munich ...

München, Harinezumi 3.0

... and Slovenia ...

Kranj, Harinezumi 3.0

... where I was quite productive in Ljubljana ...

Ljubljana, Adox Golf

Ljubljana, Adox Golf

Ljubljana, Holga Wide Pinhole Camera

 I even bought myself a new Split Cam for some double exposure fun ...

Ljubljana, Split-Cam

Ljubljana, Split-Cam

Film-wise my year was pretty much over after this,

with only a few exceptions like some new Itzehoelga shots ...

Itzehoe, Holga GN

No wait, I actually already did those in August.

But I shot my last Agfa Scala film
and had it processed as the slide it is for the first time ...

Nordoe, Kiev 88

Nordoe, Kiev 88

And that was it, I guess. Right?

Reher, Harinezumi 4.0

Yeah, thought so.

The ongoing theme of musical Harinezumi shots, be it at Roadburn, Wacken or numerous other concerts went through the whole year and is very obvious in this blog.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:




And here are some favorites from my Spin Spin Spin series, which is basically just me doing some digital double exposures while I'm listening to records:

Ok, I don't really listen to the last one.

And that was it. Hopefully my camera collection get's a little more busy in 2017, but I'll just have to see if it's meant to be. Maybe I could also use my DSLR for some real photography again, but I already have a feeling that's unlikely to happen, haha.

If you want to stay in touch with what I'm doing, I recommend to follow my flickr stream, where I still show most of my photographic activities.

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