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ORANSSI PAZUZU - Kevät / Värimyrsky

Even though I passed on Oranssi Pazuzu on this year's edition of the Roadburn Festival (they played the second year in a row because last time their show was so crowded that many fans missed them completely), I still got around to pick up their fresh 10" from the merch table.

ORANSSI PAZUZU - Kevät / Värimyrsky (10") (2017)

My strongest memories from the finnish band's concert in 2016 are connected to the primal hypnotic drive in which they delivered their mixture of black metal and psych rock, and to the odd time signatures they used to achieve it.

This 10" EP doesn't have those, but enough other qualities to make up for it.

The first side/song "Kevät" is an old unreleased recording from 2013 and shows Oranssi Pazuzu as a pure black metal-ish funeral doom band. Very intense.

The longer track "Värimyrsky" was recorded last December. It begins in a very similar way, with noise black metal riffs combined with a slow doom melody, until it bursts out in a swans-like wall of sound which quickly gives way to the straight-forward rocking main part of the song, which is dominated by shrieking vocals, organ and an ever building guitar work with a strong Fields Of The Nephilim vibe. Irresistable!

Oranssi Pazuzu live in Tilburg
I guess it's hard to do Oranssi Pazuzu justice with words, because they just have this special something in the execution of their style which makes them so great and unique. I definitely should have gotten more from them, that's for sure.

On the back cover they luckily printed the lyrics of both songs. Not that I would understand a single word. But even though I don't speak finnish at all, there was still a message to be found for me there: something doesn't match. Well, it turned out the labels for side A and B were switched on my copy of the record.

Highlight: Värimyrsky

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