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BELL WITCH - Live At Roadburn 2015

While we are patiently waiting for the next two chapters of my 2018 Roadburn report, which are taking a while due to several reasons (one being the DruturuM concert last Saturday, the other being the next one in the coming week), it seems like a good time to throw in this year's special Roadburn vinyl release from Burning World Records.

As the funeral doom duo from Seattle performed two special sets this year, it wasn't a huge surprise that this time Bell Witch were the artists of choice for the limited live LP. 

BELL WITCH - Live At Roadburn 2015 (white vinyl) (2018)

Among the many meaningful shows I've witnessed at Roadburn since 2012 the first appearance of Bell Witch holds a very special place in my heart. Even before the festival it had an impact on my planning. It was the first show on Thursday afternoon in 2015 - and being followed by the mighty Subrosa! I knew I couldn't risk to miss it, so I booked an extra hotel night to be there in time.

Adrian Guerra, Roadburn 2015
That decision paid off multiple times. What a deep, solemn, spellbinding performance was I watching there? So slow, precise and powerful on all sonic and emotional levels. So rich and overwhelming only with bass, drums, and two distinctive vocalists.
I brought their two albums "Longing" and "Four Phantoms" with me. The latter would later be crowned my personal album of the year. The work of Dylan Desmond and Adrian Guerra (R.I.P.) in an instant had become - and still is - the epitome of doom for me.

So what serious critique of this show, which was comprised of the "Longing" song "I Wait" and the first two mammoth tracks from "Four Phantoms" in reversed order, can you truly expect from me?

Of course none. This show was flawless and I would forever cherish the memory of it even without this reminder.

The live recording however makes me appreciate my luck of having been there even more. It perfectly captures everything: the rawness and sheer heaviness, the beauty and the subtleties, the abysmal and clerical qualities of the vocals. It's all pressed on this vinyl here as it was in the room back there in Het Patronaat.

The record is a vinyl only release, limited to 250 pieces on black and 250 on white, so one thing is for sure: not every doom fan who would worship this record will get to know it.

So while you still have the chance to grab Bell Witch "Live At Roadburn 2015", don't let it pass!
This is funeral doom gold.

Highlight: Suffocation, A Burial: I - Awoken (Breathing Teeth)

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