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OWLBITES - Live​.​Bites​^​^​/​/​.​.

I've been quite busy with other things lately, including my own music, so i'm not in the most urgent need for new records. But now after more than a month that this blog was dominated by Roadburn and Druturum a lot of stuff I want to review has heaped up anyway.

Let me start lowering that pile with a CD the small Dutch label Faux Amis surprised me with. It's definitely what most people would call the weirdest shit of the bunch. So guys who use the sentence That's not music! in music discussions - please don't bother to read any further!

OWLBITES - Live​.​Bites​^​^​/​/​.​. (CD) (2018)

Owlbites is a one-man ambient / drone project of Thanos Fotiadis, with which he has performed improvisations in many special locations, such as light houses, dancing studios, forests, boats and more, before he recorded this album live onto 4-track tape in this January.

It's made out of two 23+ minutes tracks called "The Meditative State" and "Nature Is Satan's Church".

Stylistically both tracks are pretty close to each other as both very heavily rely on the use of looped spoken word sound samples and eletronics, which come together in experimental soundscapes. My first impression after a couple of runs through the album was that this was quite a challenging listening experience. But when I put it away for a while and listened to it again it came surprisingly easy to me.

Of course every music in this advantgardistic direction is an acquired taste. But if you are open for the genre and don't overthink it (that actually being the message of the first track), you can find a pretty rich tapestry of sounds in this.

You also have to be in for what I consider the icing of the cake here: Because sometimes these soundtracks get totally crushed under rasping, gnarling guitars with a thick,  O))) so satisfying flavour of brutal drone. Damn, that guitar tone is great!

The second half of "Live.Bites​^​^​/​/​.​." can't fully hold my attention on the same level as "The Meditative State" does, but even with this small reservation, I can't help appreciating this album more and more with each listen.

This is some very interesting material. Dope!

Highlight: The Meditative State

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