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KARKARA - Crystal Gazer

Yes, this is one of those short psychedelic rock reviews again, where I was lucky to grab a free download and feel like I at least have to give it a shoutout here. In this case it's especially urgent, because man, this album fucking rips!

KARKARA - Crystal Gazer (download) (2019)

Karkara may be a French band, but they effortlessly pick up and integrate influences from Western Europe all the way to the Far East - and then jump down to Australia.

Their uptempo psych rock is decidedly based on the sound of the 1960s and 70s Middle Eastern scene, which already proves that these guys must be quite advanced nerds in their style, I guess. And for the biggest part they already have me here, because I definitely am a sucker for all kinds of East/West crossovers in music.

So there's a lot of Arabic and also vaguely Indian or even further away South-East Asian stuff woven into the fuzz, which itself is not so far from their fellow countrymen Libido Fuzz, while the pure wild energy and garage drive of their sound reminds me of Northern Germany's Bone Man and even more of the one and only almighty King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard from Down Under. "Camel Rider" even sounds almost, but only almost too much like an outtake from "Flying Microtonal Banana".

Surely not last and even less least they put a good portion of modern kraut rock in the vein of Japan's Minami Deutsch into the mix. So yeah, this shit is just all over the place without that ever sounding forced.

I'm not the most enthusiastic fan of all of the vocals, but that goes for a lot of psychedelic rock bands. And it's not that they would bother me too much really, since this is hardly singer-centric pop music.

No, this is raw, creative, ass-kicking shit and clearly one of my psych favorites of 2019.

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