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Loonse en Drunense Duinen / Kapel Udenhout

One problem of the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg is that it doesn't cover the whole day, haha. If you're not a long sleeper, there are still two or three hours left, which can be spend on other interests.

My plan to cover the gaps with film photography activities seemed sound, but was quickly jeopardized by the evil will of the photo gods: First, on Wednesday afternoon, I had to discover that the shutter of my chosen main tourist camera for this trip, a plastic toyc for pseudo-panorama 35mm shots, was broken. So nothing with that thingy.

In consequence, when I went to stroll around in the inland dunes north of my hotel in Biezenmortel on Thursday morning, my only analogue companion was the heavy Kiev 88 with a Calejnar 2.8/150mm lens attached to it, filled with Kodak Ektachrome 64 medium format slide film, expired in January 2001 and meant to be cross-processed as regular colour negative film for further colour shift effect.
Two motifs are a little meh in comparison with the rest for my taste (guess which ones I mean), but here are all twelve frames of the roll anyway!

Said roll by the way got stuck while spooling back, resulting in me *crack* somehow breaking the magazine, for which of course I didn't bring a backup. But if you think that must have been the end of my bad luck, there was still yet another failure to come, which will be discussed in time in another post.

I'm happy though, because at least what I got here turned out the way it did.

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