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Maggot Heart

On Monday or Tuesday, while I was figuring out what cameras to use on my journey to the Netherlands on Wednesday, April 20th 2022, I had the inspiration that I should do something special and for the first time since 2014 bring my Adox Golf medium format folding camera to Roadburn.

Had this idea come earlier I may have been able to purchase a couple of new Ilford Delta 3200 films. But right now I only had two rolls left in my stash, which translates to twenty-four 6x6 cm frames.
So the rule was just to shoot one picture of each artist and not even to do that at every show, because otherwise I would never be able to cover all five days.

But even though I stayed disciplined I only reached Friday, because out of all things that could possibly happen, my shutter cable fucking broke.

Maybe I could have filled my second film without it, but I thought that taking pictures in this style without it would be too shaky, so I didn't bother to bring the camera for the last two days.

And that's why the last two photos in this post are completely off topic tourist snapshots from Biezenmortel.



not Lili Refrain
(or what happens if you miss the moment of right lightning)




Karin Park

Yodok III

(and a very poor cut, I know)


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