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Ljubljana 6x12

Wow, it's already one month since I went to Ljubljana to watch the epic peformance of Laibach with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra.

Being in this beautiful city I naturally brought some film cameras with me to take some pictures.

One of them was the Holga Wide Pinhole Camera, last featured on this blog on occasion of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

These pinhole pictures were all taken after the concert on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning in the brief time window between breakfast and traveling home.
This time I used redscale film (meaning that the "wrong" side of a colour film gets exposed). The size of the negatives is about 6 x 12 cm. Since I brought no tripod and you can't to over ten second long exposures without a steady camera position I had to take them either from the ground or with the help of balustrades or even a litter box for dog poo.


Mesarski most



Ljubljanski grad

Ljubljanski grad

TR3 / Parlament / Ljubljanska banka

Trg republike

Trg republike

Uršulinska cerkev svete Trojice  


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