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VOIVOD and [SOON] live in the Logo, Hamburg (08.06.2017)


WHAT? It has already been over four and a half years since the last time I've seen Voivod live?

The band hasn't been lazy since then. They released three split singles and the "Post Society" EP. And they toured Europe several times, but didn't visit Hamburg / Northern Germany for a while. And when they finally came last November as the support for Entombed A.D. the extremely unlikely occasion arose that I had to skip them for the simultaneous concert of the strongest tour package of the year being Mono, Alcest and pg.lost.

But yesterday Voivod started their recent small European tour (more probably in September) in Hamburg.  Of course I had to be there this time, especially since the concert was in "Hamburg's loudest sauna", the Logo, which still is one of the best intimate clubs in the city.

The doors open was early (at least if you had an hour's drive) and my last information was that Voivod wouldn't even have a support act, because the local band supposed to do that had cancelled due to illness.

It turned out that the Logo stuff found another group at the very last minute. They were still soundchecking when me and my brother arrived and I wasn't sure if the band was even complete at that point, especially since they checked one more microphone than there were potential vocalists present. Maybe the bass player was still at work and would arrive just a minute before the show started...


Nope. [Soon] are indeed three guys: singer, drummer and guitar player. The extra mic was only there, so that the latter could change his position on stage. However the lack of a bassist was compensated through guitar sound, shared duty on a Moog bass pedal and a backing track.
While the melodic singing was clearly reminiscent of progressive metal and the technical muscles definitely being flexed I can't really pin their style down to this genre. Mostly they had a straight forward modern sound, which I could easily respect, even though it didn't connect with me on a deeper level.

I would have liked them better if they had at least a second guitarist or keyboard player instead of the backing track and I found them to be a little bit to repetive, but all in all [Soon] were an astonishingly good and well-prepared band for a last minute local support.



And then... Voivod! What can I say what I haven't said before?

I don't know if there is just one ultimate rock'n'roll band, but in my mind none is closer than the Canadians. It's just this whole package of weird uniqueness, thrash'n'roll'n'punk spirit, the pinch of progressive psychedelica and just pure joy that makes every concert a wild ride that leaves you with a wide grin in your face. And this night's show was no exception.

The show mostly covered the time of the Noise Records albums (which are being re-released now) plus "Angel Rat" and "The Outer Limits" and of course the recent "Post Society" EP.
There were some surprises like choosing "Killing Technology" as the opener or the not so often played "Nothingface" track "Inner Combustion". "Fall" and "Lost Machine" where both highlights within highlights. And of course there was the unavoi(vo)dable triangle of "Voivod", the encore "Astronomy Domine" and the second unplanned encore "The Unknown Knows".

Voivod have the luxury that they could dig out any track from any point in their history and it would always be welcomed. And you could fill at least two or three sets with missing songs. There was nothing from the phases with Eric Forrest or Jason Newsted, and not one song from the fabulous "Target Earth"! And I still want my relaxed Roadburn Festival "Angel Rat" special set!

That being said I am really not complaining in any way, because this set was perfect as it was. No song sounded old or outdated, everything has the same level of freshness, energy and excitement. And with the new tracks you still have the feeling that Voivod are moving on with the same sense of enthusiasm as ever.

I haven't even started with the individual praise for Snake, Chewy, Away and new-animal-on-bass Rocky, but since the whole is more than the sum of its brilliant pieces anyway, I'll just leave it by saying that Voivod blew my mind and wowed me once again. There can be only öne! Phenomenal!

  • Killing Technology
  • Post Society
  • Psychic Vacuum
  • Inner Combustion
  • Order Of The Blackguards
  • The Prow
  • Ravenous Medicine
  • Fall
  • Korgüll The Exterminator
  • Lost Machine
  • We Are Connected
  • Voivod
  • Astronomy Domine
  • The Unknown Knows  



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