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It's time for one of this little karma write-ups again!

Sometimes folks give away their spare download codes - and in case I grab something recently released I think it's only fair that I at least support the art by spreading the word further.

In this case it was a surprise download, because there was no artist or album name on the card, only the promise that it would probably be something psychedelic. And yes, if this is anything, then it's that.

TENGGER - Nomad (download) (2020)

Tengger (which means "unlimited expanse of sky" in Mongolian and "huge sea" in Hungarian) are a South Korean/Japanese couple living on the road and always looking for magical places and new cultural environments, where they can record their flowing dreamlike music.

Most of the six tracks on "Nomad" are pure ambience made of synths, sounds and mystical female vocals here and there.
Almost all rhythm is delivered as a naturally swelling pulse, only "Eurasia" gets a little more tangible with an actual kraut rock beat.

The sound of Tengger dwells in an ageless place beyond the perception of time. It's meditative through and through, sometimes reminding me of the instrumental parts of the most esoteric version of Björk.

And would I buy this? Even though I like it the answer is... I'm not sure. I don't even think that Tengger go too far with the inherent kitsch of their music, but still this is simply a little much new age for my physical collection.
On the other hand I do own some roughly similar synth albums from El Paraiso Records, which of course have the advantage of a unique label design. The cover photo of "Nomad" isn't that bad either, though.

Well, we probably cannot answer that question here and now, but one thing's for sure: Anyone who's into transcended ambient for the temporary seperation and more harmonious reattachment of spirit and body, should give this worthwhile little album a listen!

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