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ARCHIVE - Call To Arms & Angels Live EP

Now this is an easy one to review! Says most of what's important already in the title: a selection of tracks from the fantastic 2022 album "Call To Arms & Angels", recorded live in Paris in November 2023.

ARCHIVE - Call To Arms & Angels Live EP (12") (2024)

It's also a rather unnecessary one to review, since this EP (which is still over forty minutes long!) is a limited vinyl-only release and of course long sold out. It's also pretty great.

According to my memory from Hamburg the four songs selected here were the new pieces, which had the biggest imprint on the character of the show among the new material: the multi-faceted "Enemy", the ballad "Surrounded By Angels" which introduced new singer Lisa Mottram, the new huge epic "Daytime Coma" and the strange but intriguing "The Crown".

Great tracks, perfect live renditions. You'll survive if you couldn't get your hands on this EP, but it's definitely a very nice item to own. It comes with a print of the show's whole setlist, which includes the obligatory misspelling "Daytime Corma", while on the label of the 12" itself it's made into a running gag with the variant "Daytme Coma".

The only thing I disliked is that the record was so statically charged that it was almost impossible to get it outside of its paper sleeve - and there are also so many micro particles on it, which produced a shitload of cracks and pops. Very annoying when you're recording you own personal copy, especially since there's no alternative digital version out there. That could have been avoided I think.

The as always uncategorizable Electronic Progressive Trip Hop Rock (just to cite what Discogs suggests for this one) music is of course absolutely brilliant.

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