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ROADBURN 2016 - Afterburner pics from the ashes of my harddrive

No, I don't want to bother you with my whole crash and data loss story again.

Short version: Lost all pictures of this year, had to write my Roadburn Afterburner review without live photographs. Could finally recover jpgs from my broken drive, only to soon see the data system of my external harddrive collapse under the weight of thousands and thousands of files in one folder and lose all seemingly saved pictures again.

Before that I could recover a disappointingly small number of Afterburner pictures, and for the greatest part not even pictures I intended to keep but had already deleted.

So this is it - including some grey bars caused by the data damage:

Green Carnation:

Blind Idiot God:

Ecstatic Visions:

Witch Trail:


Buried At Sea:

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