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Clubs are often for the initiated. When you're in the club, you're in the know.

So when the Fuzz Club puts out a "session" EP, it doesn't need to fish you with a fancy cover artwork.

Hell, it doesn't even need to give you the full name of the artist anywhere. Because when you're in the club, you fucking know that RMFTM doesn't stand for Rage Mfagainst The Machine, but for the dutch human psych-o-mat Radar Men From The Moon.

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON - Fuzz Club Session (LP) (2017)

While the simple black cover lacks any information about the band, it is all the more fastidious in detail aspects of the recording process. With data down to the type of the used analog tape machine, tape and reel number, this looks like something you pull out of the file cabinet in some huge sound archive.

Only the inner sleeve which shows to black and white detail shots from within the studio leans to common record artwork aesthetics.

So what's the fuzz all about?

If you haven't guessed it by now: The Fuzz Club Sessions is a series where the label invites bands into a studio and records a live session. Simple as that.

And in this case: also clearly great as that. As I had witnessed at Roadburn this year the Radar Men From The Moon are a brilliant live band. And their hypnotic robotnik space jams also work fabulously without an audience.

Powered by relentless grooves, which almost feel industrial at times (man, that drummer was born on some bad-ass assembly line!), this is 35 minutes of excellent instrumental psych with dark dystopian overtones.

Or in other words: nothing not to love here! I feel like I'm in the club now.

Highlights: Translucent Concrete, Neon

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