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CTHULUMINATI - Reliquideus

Here's a little evil something from the Netherlands, the country primarily known for being the world's epicentre of mystical secret societies and regular invocations of the Ancient Ones.

Didn't know that? Your bad.

CTHULUMINATI - Reliquideus (2019)

Ok, I think we can all agree that band name and album title are already winners. Same goes for the comic style artwork which sells the idea pretty much one to one.

Musically this six track album comes as a very eclectic and exuberant  mix of several extreme metal genres.
Especially the black metal infused parts reminds me of a straighter  and less psychedelic version of Oranssi Pazuzu.

Other bands which come to mind in certain parts are old Samael and modern Behemoth. Some passages cry prog metal, while even more spread a dirty black'n'roll vibe.

Does this work as a whole? I would say: predominantly yes.

It's quite a huge chunk of ideas which Cthuluminati are throwing against the wall here. Most of them stick, but a couple land in the dirt. So "Reliquideus" doesn't come without a vocal line I can't stand here or a rather reduntant riff there. Most of the album however is a mighty, crushing, creative and fun, all in all pretty awesome neck breaker.

"Reliquideus" is available as stream/download and on CD.

[Disclaimer: This review was brought to you by dark, all-seeing fraternities and entities, which stand behind everything. E v e r y t h i n g ! So even though I swear that it's written in pure truth and honesty, you shouldn't believe a word of it.] 

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