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So my last TAU CROSS review is getting clicks now ...

... and I wonder why.

No shit, I know why.

So should I write something about it or not?

Fuck, no. Not much at least. I really can't add anything to that disappointment.

So apparantly Rob Miller has duck too deep in his research for conspiracy-themed lyrics and became a nutjob, who gets inspiration from Holocaust deniers, in the process. That's just sad.

It's sad for him and it's even sadder for his unsuspecting (ex-)band members, who  now have this shit stain on their résumé.

I just wish he would stop insisting on continuing the band and just drop and bury the name Tau Cross, so we can all at least fondly remember the first two albums and the live shows in a healthy way.

But I guess for now he's still caught in the cycle of writing drunken facebook rants, then sobering up, making the Tau Cross page invisible and then drinking again and writing another weird victim text...

Fuck, man. This is embarrassing.

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