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YAZZ AHMED - A Shoal Of Souls

And here comes a little bit more jazz yet again, since an amazing track has been dropped on Bandcamp:

YAZZ AHMED - A Shoal Of Souls (download) (2019)

Well, let's keep this short and sweet, since after all we are only taking about six and a half minutes of music here.
However "A Shoal Of Souls" feels much longer - and by that I definitely don't mean that the track is boring. No, there's just so much happening that you're surprised it hasn't been at least ten minutes.

The composition almost feels as if the essence of the "La Saboteuse" double album had been compressed into one song. So yet again the British-Bahraini trumpet player has unleashed a stunning and seamingly effortless piece of genre-transcending modern jazz fusion with strong arabic influences. Her combination of yearning brass and vibraphone melodies with exciting action-packed drumming is just one of a kind.

There has also been a campaign to press this track on vinyl with a formidable Sophie Bass artwork for the cover and edged B side. Surely a beautiful piece of art, but my wallet told me to just stick to the download this time.

Ok, since we're only talking about one single track here, just do yourself the favour of exploring Yazz Ahmed's discography further!

"La Saboteuse" is a masterpiece, yet the remixes on (surprise!) "La Saboteuse Remixed" - while taking thins into a radically different direction - are also very worthwhile:

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