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J. ZUNZ - Hibiscus

There is no Bandcamp Friday this month, but since it will come back in February and it would be today, just let me recommend a couple of more digital releases, starting with a solo project from the Mexican artist Lorena Quintanilla:

J. ZUNZ - Hibiscus (download) (2020)

J. Zunz,  as the musician calls herself here, paints some quite abstract and minimalistic pictures on this album. Utilizing the language of electronics the results often have a cool and distant effect, but even though she doesn't try to bridge the gap to the listener with her voice, you can't help and feel the humanity in it.

Combining kraftwerkian sounds with vocal experimentalism and hypnotic approaches from the realms of ambient and psych, overall "Hibiscus" still remains a somehow enigmatic and rather intellectual affair, but that doesn't make the short album (about half an hour) less valuable.

No, this is actually quite intriguing.

And of course the great song title "America Is A Continent" represents a thought that probably everyone outside of The United States has had at some point.

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