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ÅRABROT - Live at The Church ("Norwegian Gothic Release")

First things first: Today I finally, finally received my "Feel It On" vinyl bundle of the (still?) new Årabrot album "Norwegian Gothic" and the EP "The World Must Be Destroyed"!

And what can I say? We already know that it's one of the best albums of 2021. But these physical versions of the LP and the accompanying 10" EP are extra dope:

How fitting that when the parcel service brought my Pelagic Records package, I was just rewatching yesterday's premiere of the album's release show. Half an hour of the band in trio format, playing in the church in rural Norway Sweden (damn, you bastards had me confused!), where they not only shot the cover photograph and several videos and played a great unplugged streaming show in September 2020, but where they actually live and preach the religion of Rock'n'Roll.

Even though I'm missing a little of the bass brutality from the record, it's pretty awesome.

Watch it here (as long as it's still online):

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