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Ok, I think it's established now that after every four reviews from me on Veil of Sound I'm also featuring those releases in this shorter format here. Which means I'm a little late with this one, because there are actually already six new write-ups online over there. But I just wanted to wait until the last physical copy of these albums/EPs had made its way to me.

BLOOD INCANTATION - Luminiscent Bridge (gold vinyl 12" Maxi Single) (2023)

One side consists of one track of esoteric Sci-Fi Death Metal, further developing their sound from "Hidden History of the Human Race", the other side features pink floydish Ambient in continuation of "Timewave Zero", yet this time also including guitars and drums. That's all. And that's all you need, because Blood Incantation prove themselves as masters in both fields, no matter how hard certain poor hurt egos in the true Death Metal community keep crying their eyes out.

A special brand of retro-futuristic cover artwork plus the golden vinyl, which asks to be sent out into space to introduce us to extra-terrestrial lifeforms, top off the release perfectly.

DISIMPERIUM - Grand Insurgence Upon Despotic Altars (CD) (2023)
But if you insist on wanting a hundred percent pure, sheer obliterating Death Metal aussault, I can help you too! Not that much longer than the Blood Incantation "single", Disimperium's full (or is it half?) length debut album makes maximum use of its duration. More of this ferociously blasting Vernichtungsfeldzug probably wouldn't be healthy. After decades of Death Metal history here's a monstrosity which still makes you wonder how the hell human minds can come up with something that extreme. Delightfully over the top!

Sentient Ruin Laboratories mostly is a tape label if you're judging by my collection, but they're actually capable of CDs, too. Only the dark red on black layout of the lyrics is hard on the eyes and could be more readable.

AGUSA - Prima Materia (LP) (2023)
Unsurpringly the new album of my favorite jolly Swedish Psych Folk Prog band Agusa is a radically antithetically experience to Disimperium. As always the quintet paints a vivid picture in highly addictive longtracks which just burst of love and joy for music.

In addition to the timeless beauty of their organs, flutes and guitars the band even surprises with a couple of moments which include sung vocals. Those are damn short, barely more than a tease showing that Agusa being an instrumental groups is not a necessity, but rather a luxury. Ultimately they don't need words to take you into far away fairytale places. And the are always so incredibly good at that!

I cannot image a world where I don't love everything this band does. I only wish there would be more chances to see them live and outside of Sweden. It has been a long time, you know.

FOSSA MAGNA - Fossa Magna フォッサマグナ  (clear smoke vinyl LP) (2023)
And finally we're going back to brutal stuff with the most harrowing album of this bunch. This Japanese/American/Phillippinean sonic collaboration for a harsh reality by Astro, Many Blessings and Coalminer is an assault of Harsh Noise, which accumulates and layers infernal sound layers of human civilization and unleashes them upon us in relentless waves. 
While doing so Fossa Magna offers neither escapist trance nor hypnotic elevation, just the sheer unvarnished reflection of our hubristic non-nature as a species and our inevitable downfall. It's a score to this self-made demise, a merciless beating with the the bleak bat of existenc. It doesn't get more real and unforgiving than this.

Released by WV Sorcerer Productions you should almost automatically expect an extremely fine looking and sounding vinyl edition - and that's definitely what's delivered. So all in all this is just a very impressive release!

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