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ZAÄAR / SPINTRIA - Genesis of Cyclopian Sorcerer

Welcome to the time before the creation of time, long after the apocalypse and rebirth of our world! This is the cosmic temple of chaos in the center of being. And this is our jam here!

ZAÄAR / SPINTRIA - Genesis of Cyclopian Sorcerer (sapphire marble vinyl LP) (2023)

The easisest way to describe the music of the Belgian group Zaäar, who are intertwined with Neptunian Maximalism is a question: Have you ever imagined how Free Jazz would sound on Conan the Barbarian's homeworld Hyboria?
Their twenty minute improvisation "Dance of Time" is a collective primal scream of percussions, sopranino saxophone, trumpet, flutes and throat singing over a foundation of droning bass and Ambient synth sounds. This music is at the same time spiritual as the ecstatic highs of Sanders and (both Alice and JohnColtrane, but it adds a menacing undertone, invoking a colourful darkness beyond the perception of good and evil. Zaäar reaches beyond the veil of human understanding and dips a fingertip into the eternal cycle of creation. Chaos and beauty. Or simply just a very daring fresh take on Free Jazz?
Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see them live or already loved their 2021 debut album "Magická Džungl’a" will have an easy time enjoying this new release, which gives you a similar experience in a more compact format. But since "Genesis of Cyclopian Sorcerer" isn't just a Zaäar EP, but a split album compiled by WV Sorcerer Productions , the transcendental journey doesn't end here yet, but continues in fitting fashion on the B-side.

In the beginning of their mammoth track "Mesmerism" Drone Metal guitars, Dungeon Synth keyboards and drums clattering in the far distance seem to be the ingredients the Tennesseean trio Spintria is cooking with. Yet after a couple of minutes the spectrum widens, embracing elements of Prog and Metal, Grind Fusion and Jazzcore. It's heavy and explosively destructive, but it somehow remains a musical and through the indeed mesmerising keyboards often elevating listening experience.
If Zaäar provided the soundtrack for the rituals in the temple's main hall, Spintria will ambush you if you dare to explore the catacombs beneath it too deep. So this is quite a different beast than the A-side, but its atmosphere somehow feels connected and it completes the split album perfectly.

Add the beautiful artwork and vinyl colour and you have everything you want from this kind of release, a split which is more than just a leftover dump for two Bands/artists, but something even a little more than the sum of its already amazing parts.    

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