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AGUSA - Ekstasis - Live In Rome

I think it has been established in this blog by now that the Swedish quintet Agusa is one of those bands that I just fucking love love love without any need of over-analysing them. There just isn't much to say, but oh so much joy to feel!

And here they are again with a new live album:

AGUSA - Ekstasis - Live In Rome (CD) (2018)

Ok, so the Agusa short summary is: These guys rock a classic line-up of guitar, bass and drums plus organ and - very prominently, almost as a substitute for vocals - flute.
No matter whether you label them under prog, psychedelic, folk or kraut rock; they play mammoth instrumental songs, which combine excellent musicianship with a joyous sense of naivity and timeless melodies.

If you love Colosseum's "Valentyne Suite" you cannot do wrong giving this a listen.

These compositions cry for extensions and improvisations  on stage - and Agusa know exactly how to deliver those! They proved it on their first official live recording "Katarsis" in 2016 and now on "Ekstasis" they are doubling down on that.
There has been a personell change last year, so this is the debut for new organ player Jeppe Juul, and he fits in excellently.

The track list of this new live document consists of the first four (out of five) songs of their self-titled third studio album from 2017, all about one, two, three minutes longer than the original version.
The last song, "Uti Vår Hage" from the 2014 debut "Högtid" already grew from eleven to over seventeen minutes on "Katarsis". The new version however clocks out after almost twenty-four minutes. And it's glorious!

This band, this album... they just make me fucking happy, man. It's just all-out fantastic!

Ok, I'm not too keen of the cover artwork, which may have contributed to me only buying the CD version this time (but truthfully it was more me saving money - and also wanting to have some Agusa for those compact disc occasions, which still do happen). There are several double vinyl versions - including deluxe box sets with alternative artwork - out there.

And by the way this album finally reveals, why Agusa's music might feel so timeless. Appearently it's music from the past, but recorded... *drum roll* the future:

[And yes, this is one of the rare cases which last happened to me a couple of years ago, when Blogger just shitfucking insists on turning an image ninety degrees around, no matter what the fuck I try to do. It's a mystery. It's complete bullshit. It's bullshytstery!]

Highlights: Den Förtrollade Skogen, Uti Vår Hage

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