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I just rediscovered an interesting promo request from Hesperian Death Horse in my social media messenger, which was buried there since August. Didn't find the time to check it out back then, put it aside and forgot about it. Shame on me, because this is really something!

HESPERIAN DEATH HORSE - Živ (download) (2018)

After Otrovna Kristina this is probably the only group from Croatia I'm aware of. And with the Nationality the similarities pretty much end. Ok, you can tag both bands as #psychedelic, but that in itself opens quite a wide spectrum of possibilities.

We are venturing into the world of special interest advantgarde here. So friends of cozy, comfortable listening experiences - you can skip the rest of this text now.

What Hesperian Death Horse are presenting on this four-track EP is harsh, dissonant and challenging. Imagine the larger than life post metal giantism (and also a little of the ambient atmospheric side) of Cult Of Luna combined with the blackened dissonance of Kayo Dot's "Choires Of The Eye" or as an even more black metal influenced recent example Imperial Triumphant on "Vile Luxury".

"Živ" pummels and overwhelms in the best way, but it's also strangely detached and distenced, which is mainly due to the vocals lingering in the background in almost shoegazy, often hypnotic repetitive fashion.

The sound aesthetics of Hesperian Death Horse seem to thrive on contradiction. This band goes for a very disturbing overall impression, but it does it with super captivating riffs and world domination grooves.

So all in all this is a full-on killer EP.

On a related note let me mention that I also dig their promo picture game:

Highlights: (Part 1: Prizma), Liv (Part 4: Horde)

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