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cassette craze chronicles VIII (feat. BRÍI, LUCY ADLINGTON & MIKE VEST and REPEATED VIEWING)

New tapes, new spinning... and already with the first one it's going out of control...

REPEATED VIEWING - The Family (2021)

Spun Out Of Control is a label specialised in limited cassette runs of synth music, which I am familiar with since Heinrich Dressel's "Shapeshifting". Yeah, that's not super long, but anyway here's the second tape I ordered from them. In the realm of John Carpenter inspired synthwave music, there are three, probably equally represented kinds of albums: just an album albums, actual soundtracks and soundtracks to imaginary obscure VHS movies. "The Family" is one of the latter.
Something with the involvement in an accidental death, satanic bikers, forbidden love and an unhappy ending, horror/slasher stuff, probably with a pinch of laboured and pretty bad humour. But honestly, you're only watching this trash for the astoundingly cool music in it anyway, right?
There's not much on this album by Alan Sinclair's one-man project Repeated Viewing, on which I could elaborate in detail, but if you're into Carpenter Brut, Zombi, Mitch Hunter and shit like I am, then chances are good that you might dig this. Cool.

BRÍI - Sem Propósito (2021)

Oh, another synth soundtrack release! At least for the first three or four minutes you could think that. Than it dawns to you, that it might rather be trance music - before it takes a turn to blasting black metal. And of course it does! This is a new album of Brasilian avant-garde extreme music project Bríi after all. And it seems like the shackles of genres and conventions are sitting even looser than on "Entre Tudo que é Visto e Oculto". Or at least the execution of the idea is even more radical now, as Serafim, who is only aided by two guest vocalists on this album doesn't give us any real time to breathe and digest what we're hearing. Instead he feeds us an hour of ideas in only two big unnamed chunks, each filling twenty-eight minutes and twelve seconds of one side.
Beside the ingredients electronic trance music (as in ambient, techno and synthwave) and black metal there are also elements akin to post rock and also - fitting, since the tape is being distributed by Lovers & Lollipops - a good amount of guitar-driven psychedelic rock.
I've already mentioned a spiritual connection to Esoctrilihum in my last Bríi review, yet in comparison this stuff is a lot more seamless, accessible and hypnotic. In its endless flow this album rather reminds me of the mesmerizing Russian blackgaze masterpiece "Ladoga" by Olhava. One hour is definitely not too long fo this album, especially since around the forty-minutes-mark, where a normal LP would end, the whole things just kicks itself to another level of awesomeness.
Even though huge amounts are something entirely different, I think I can already count "Sem Propósito" among my favorite metal releases of 2021. 

LUCY ADLINGTON & MIKE VEST - House Of Worship (2021)

No track titles, just side A and B, both sides filled with sound to the brim. Same as we just had with Bríi, albeit in this case both tracks are only twenty-two minutes short each. Other similarities these two tapes share are their love for ambient atmospheres and repitition. The genre is a different one though.
Lucy Adlington is a new artist for me, while I'm familiar to her cooperator Mike Vest as grandmaster of drone doomers Bong. And there you have it: "House Of Worship" is pure drone, recorded in a church, like its title suggests.
The trademark Bong guitar tone, which seems to carry Eastern enlightenment and mysticism is clearly recognizable, but there are more things going on. More guitar noises and feedbacks, scattered percussions - and my favorite, an old detuned piano, which opens the second half.
While a certain viscious darkness lurks deep in the shadows of this live recording, this isn't a drone which forces itself onto you as a purely punishing experience, yet rather lets you chose how you want to go through it yourself. And especially during that atmospherically thick and rich second mass I choose transcendence.
With an edition of 30 copies, coming with an original petal from the house of worship, this release could hardly be much more limited, so I'm very glad to call this treasure my own.

And whatever reasons UK customs had to return the little package to Lucy without explanation, so she had to try to send it a second time, I personally just file it under fuck Brexit, once again, for the bazillionth time. 

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