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BADA live in the Hafenklang, Hamburg (27.10.2021)


Step by step normality returns and oh boy, I'm so here for it!

I've already been to a couple of not-yet-completely-post covid events, but Bada's show in Hamburg's Hafenklang venue was the first club show which felt complety like in the before-times. The only difference was that you had to show your ID and proof of vaccination at the entry. But after that it really felt like coming home, even though I couldn't even remember when I was there the last time. (Conveniently I have a blog to look stuff like that up. It was for Kanaan back in June 2019.) 
And one can only speculate whether the attendance for a newcomer band on a weekday would have been as high as it was yesterday.

On the other hand not every young group has almost the same personnel as Swedish phenomenom Anna von Hausswolff's live band, so that alone surely has stirred some interest. For me also the familiarity with their debut album, the Roadburn Redux performance and the recent "Live in Rolfstorp" tape helped to make this an absolutely unmissable occasion.

Six people shared the small stage, with the drummer on the left side, facing bass and guitar on the opposite right side, and the two keyboard players including Anna in the back, where you could nearly see their silhoettes once the stage smoke came into play.
The main visual focus point of my attention however was the guy responsible for weird noises in the center, who moved a small pickup on the stage floor and other surfaces, sang with tons of effects and also spent a good amount of time with a fucking Korg Monotron mini synthesizer! Not the same model as mine (as used in the performance "Druturum IV: The Science Behind Angel Encounters") - but still that whole package was enough to make the man my spirit animal here.

There was a certain chaotic note in Bada's whole show, but that was intentional and juxtaposed by moments of enormous grandeur, cathartic drones, unresistable robotik psych rock energy and layers and layers of bass and noise up to ridiculous levels.
At one point the band even had to finish a track earlier, because they had lost control over a deep disturbing ripple signal. Another moment which confused me a little is when I was distracted between songs and the bass player suddenly asked me for my Fritz Cola bottle. Want the rest of my drink? Weird, but you do you. Of course he just needed it to brutally slide on his instrument, haha.
Speaking of: when the bass was looped and played on top of itself, there was a certain passage when I think I could feel my nasal septum vibrating for a while! Ok, that frequency was something.

The whole show was something. Just the right mix of rawness and determination, a heavy drone psych noise masterclass.

Can't wait to see Anna and I guess at least some of the boys again in not even three weeks with a totally different musical framework...

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