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At least until the end of the year Bandcamp Fridays are still a thing, so here we go again! I'm skipping a tape I ordered yesterday, because that will as always be covered in an upcoming segment of my cassette craze chronicles.

NICK HUDSON - K69996ROMA:EP (2021)

Following his last album "Font Of Human Fractures" (english version of that review on Veil Of Sound) Nick Hudson gets weirder and even more experimental with this new EP, which starts with the epic album track, but then features seven completely new pieces. Those are all shorter - mostly between three and four minutes -, but all in all this release has enough meat on the bones to already feel like a whole album.
The reason to label this as an EP is probably less its running time, yet rather its less songwriting-orientated, more fragmentary nature. While Hudson can never hide his baroque art pop heart for long, there are lots of other sounds in play here: break beat electronics, kraftwerkian boing boom tschak vocals, spooky Clipping. sound collages. Speaking of: also hip hop influences. Piano ballads, tense almost-dream pop, black metal. Yes, seriously.
I bought the digital download, but I'm still contemplating whether it would have been a better idea to order one of the two super rare CD versions of this crazy sick masterpiece. It's just the uncertainty of how much taxes and fees there will be on top of it, which made me hesitant. I'm already paying the post office enough for the special "service" of not delivering stuff to my door... 

CHELSEA WOLFE - Woodstock / Green Altar (2021)

Chelsea Wolfe released two tracks from the "Birth Of Violence" sessions.
"Woodstock" is an eerie piano cover of Joni Mitchell's song, "Green Altar" is an album outtake and the rare case of a pure love song with lines like "Your love is a waterfall" or "Such love could make an atheist turn to God". The instrumental with acoustic guitar and electronic ambient sounds still conjures that special dark goth folk feeling, which makes it so very distinctively Chelsea Wolfe. Both tracks are simple, wonderfully crafted, just beautiful.

DICTAPHONE - Goats & Distortions 5 (2021)

Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I did not buy this on Bandcamp Friday! I don't even own it on BC at all, but got a download as a freebie with my last Denovali Records delivery. I am already here recommending Bandcamp music though, so why not include it here, right?
Dictaphone are without a doubt among the best doomjazz (if you still want to call it that) artists I've heard so far. There's a lot of rhythm for the genre, both ethnic and electronic and also a lot of indefinable sounds and samples happening in the background.
The smooth and steady bass of Oliver Doerell holds it all together, while the violin of Alex Stolze and the bass clarinet and saxophone of Roger Döring fill the soundscape with yearning and soul. Amazing arrangements and performances. A profoundly deep and rewarding listening experience. 

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