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Yeah, let's do this! Just a quick review of four albums which recently joined my collection as [sorry, old man talk incoming!] compact discs.

SEAN ONO LENNON - Asterisms (CD) (2024)

How not to sound like your dad? In case of Sean One Lennon the solution obviously is to shut your mouth, because the vocal resemblence unmistakenly gives it away. But the newest album of John and Yoko's son isn't only instrumental, but also a step into new territory in other ways. It's neither quirky psychedelic stuff like The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger or his band with Les Claypool, nor is it open Beatles homage like the time he was singing a duet (and playing all the instruments on the track) with Lana Del Rey.

That being said this album features several themes, which would easily have worked as instrumental parts on both Claypool Lennon Delirium longplayers. However the whole musical setting here is very different, going back to Sean's longtime admiration for John Zorn, starting at a time when he would never have imagined to someday become a good enough player to create that kind of Jazz Fusion himself. And now - encouraged by the master himself and released on Tzadik Records here we are: "Asterisms" sounds like a crossover between Sean's most progressive Space Rock tendencies and a colourful gallery of all kinds of Zorn impressions. As a composer, not as a saxophone player, since the choice of brass in this band is trumpet. But the wide cinematic mood, the Wurlitzer, the smooth genre transitions... it all feels very akin.

In his liner notes Lennon reveals that the only Jazz he liked before his first Zorn encounter was Miles Davis' electric phase, and you can clearly hear that he was a huge influence too, since all this is soaked in "Bitches Brew" worship. This is probably one of the highest praises you can give an "outsider" for an album like this. Hard to imagine that he initially didn't even plan to play the guitar himself, and that just happened, when after many covid-related the original player could make it to the recordings. And damn, he's doing some fine tasty, but not too flashy stuff here.  

And even though this album would have deserved a much longer playing time than thrirty-seven minutes, at least the production sounds very big. It's warm and lush and detailed. All in all this is just a wonderful surprise!

GHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA - A Trip To The Moon (CD) (2024)

Speaking of lush albums, we have to continue with one which also shares the jazzy and psychedelic moments with "Asterisms". First and foremost however "A Trip To The Moon", the newest release of New York's Ghost Funk Orchestra fully commits to the promise of the big band's name: The Funk and Soul are incredibly strong on this one, be it in the tight grooves, keys, the explosive brass arrangements or the powerhouse female lead vocals on several tracks.
But then there's also something a little off, that side which subtly mixes the Black music influence with Garage Rock and fuzzy Surf guitars.

This ensemble burns in a very specific yet luckily easily accessible niche. The sound of their trip is rich and full and produces a funky-ass life-affirming album, grounded in a somehow quite melancholic mood, set by the red thread of samples from Apollo moon mission transmissions.

These fifteen short and sweet tracks go by incredibly fast. Irresistible stuff! Take me to the moon!

TECHNO ANIMAL - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb (CD) (2001/2024)

Boom! Why the fuck did I miss out on Kevin Martin's and Justin Broadrick's Techno Animal back in the day? Ok, it probably was the misleading name plus the lack of (sufficient) internet.
But those days are gone now! I already declared their mammoth album "Re-Entry" my fourth-favorite reissue of 2023 and here comes back another - quite different - beast of droning Electro goodness!

"The Brotherhood Of The Bomb" saw the duo team up with several rappers for a super heavy bass fest of Industrial and Ragga infused Hip Hop. Even though there's no Metal or guitars here, this massive throb feels like the fulfillment of what the best tracks on the famous "Judgement Night" soundtrack once promised in the early Nineties. So yeah, if you dig sincerely dark, harsh and heavy Hip Hop like Dälek, Clipping. or of course The Bug (aka Kevin Martin) - this is your shit!

This reissue naturally comes remastered and with new artwork (since the original of the old one is just lost). Of course I was tempted to buy the double vinyl version, but financial reason - and the fact that Relapse Records has decided to find download cards with their releases uncool recently - made me chose the CD digipak. Music's the same - and it fucking slaps! A classic aged well.

HIGHEST PRIMZAHL ON MARS - Escape From Moronia (CD) (2023)

Well, you know the old saying from the 1990's, right? "Don't judge a promo CD by its horrible look I can make my own cover on the computer artwork!"

I hope you do and can look beyond the first impression, because in case of the debut album from The Highest Primzahl ("prime number") On Mars (is it another one than on Earth?) you really don't receive the musical quality the visuals promised - but luckily something much better!

The long Psych Rock jams on this hour-long release don't re-invent the wheel, but no matter if it's driven by a Robert Hampson Loop guitar riff, if the bass line reminds you of Electric Moon or the groove feels more like a space freakout from Kungens Män or Hills... Siehs Krautz sound really confident and convincing in this sphere.

Among their upcoming shows is a support gig for the legendary Acid Mothers Temple. And from what my ears are gathering here I'm sure they'll survive it gracefully!

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