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CULT OF LUNA and JULIE CHRISTMAS - Mariner: Live At De Kreun - Belgium

Here's one live album I didn't think I would necessarily need at all cost. But since there's a summer sale at Indie Records the actual cost was pretty low, so I got it along with some other stuff.

CULT OF LUNA and JULIE CHRISTMAS - Mariner: Live At De Kreun - Belgium (CD) (2018)

So why wouldn't I need this? It's a recording of one of the very few shows of the norwegian post metal force Cult Of Luna and the amazing Julie Christmas playing their excellent joint album "Mariner" in full. Doesn't that sound promising?

Of course it does. But I already have the studio album and saw the very last "Mariner" show at Roadburn. So I just thought that would be enough for me. In hindsight I must admit that I was wrong.

While the original album still stands strong and is superior in some aspects, like those vocals arrangements, which just can't be performed by one person, the live version adds so many additional layers and such an addictive, exciting energy to "Mariner" that it's not only a perfect bonus for fans of the album, but very surely can also win over the uninitiated.
It's a massive, a historical show. The fade out during the applause after the mindblowing finale really takes its time - because it can. And it's deserved.

"Mariner" live at Roadburn
This is a perfect live album of one of the most important metal records of recent years.

It is accompanied by a "documentary" (really just a couple of statements which were all already known from the trailer for this) followed by a flawless complete video of the same concert.

And here's the only thing bothering me about this release: Why is this great video only attached via download card? While I am a big fan of having my music digitalized on my computer, I don't feel the same way about videos. The file is fucking huge, it takes very long to download it and an eternity to burn it onto a DVD - which I did, because I don't need files this big an my hard disc.
And of course, since the last time I fucking burned a DVD was over two years ago for Lis er Stille's "Midnight Wave", I needed more than one try. Annoying.

But the costs! And the environment!

Yes, I am whining here, but come on: the production costs for the DVD can't be that astronomic.
And as Greenpeace explained a while ago, the streaming and downloading of films actually uses up a lot more energy and natural resources than to produce and ship the same thing as a physical item.
As consumers we're just unaware of this, because we personally usually pay for a smaller share of the overall expense when we're purchasing data files online.

So what do I want to say? If you have a video as bonus material, just put it on a damn DVD, man!

And also: "Mariner" rules!


Highlights: Cygnus, The Wreck Of S.S. Needle

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