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WIEGEDOOD - There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road

What better for weekend relaxation than a good old psychotic assault on the senses? If you like your black metal relentless, devastating and destructive, yet also original - go no further, because Wiegedood are here to facesmash you into oblivion!

WIEGEDOOD - There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road (CD) (2022)

I've listened to the Belgian trio before and even saw them live supporting Yob. But even though I very much liked them I never immersed myself deeper into their albums. So you won't read any comparisons to their predecessing three-album trilogy "De Doden Hebben Et Goed" here, just the pure impression of the new work "There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road".

And that aaaaaaarrrgh impression gnnnnhh is ssccrrrrreeeaaach just whhooaaahhh *hystericallydriftingintoinsanity* ...

Sorry, let me try again!

On this merciless banger Wiegedood are almost constantly operating at the highest level of brutality, aggression and misanthropic hatefulness which black metal is capable of. In most of the nine tracks they don't even need more than one riff, which is repeated (and incremetally varied) over and over again.
As unforgivingly abrasive as this is, it could easily be exhausting to the point of getting unlistenable. At least in lesser hands. But of course this is not only listenable, but plain killer as fuck, because Wiegedood's guitar riffs are so damn good that you want to swirls in their frenzy on an endless loop anyway.

Seriously, the main riffs and licks are among the very best I've heard metal spew out in recent years. Add to this the untiring moster drumming (which like all the instruments you may also know from Oathbreaker) and perfectly beastly vocals screeching directly into your mushy brain and you already have no other choice than to completely love this shit.

As icings on the cake you get awesome sick lead guitars and occasionally even throat singing, which makes me immediately think of Plague Organ's "Orphan".
As a whole however the album feels more like a - naturally much shorter - nasty black metal version of Aluk Todolo's monster "Occult Rock" to me.

If you're into extreme metal there is no excuse: This is your soundtrack for humanity 2022. What a ripper!

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