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RUDE SKØTT OSBORN TRIO - The Virtue Of Temperance

They did it again! After the fabulous double whammy of "The Discipline Of Assent" and "The Dichotomy Of Control" the Danish Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo returns - not only with a third installment of their amazing psychedelic modal jazz fusion sessions, yet also expanded to a trio.

RUDE SKØTT OSBORN TRIO - The Virtue Of Temperance (LP) (2022)

The creative process however started in the same way as on the predecessing records, with Rude and Skøtt laying the groundwork with jams of just double bass (or guitar) and drums, editing them down and adding additional tracks of instruments and effects.

But where that step finalized the improvisations to perfected pieces of a wild spiritual Elvin Jones and funky Miles Davis homage on "Discipline" and a more elevated and melodic variation of the idea on "Dichotomy", on this new album the Causa Sui / El Paraiso family members still left room for manifold overdubs by London-based multi-wind instrumentalist Tamar Osborn.

And damn, as stellar as the work of the duo already is on its own, her creative choices on flute and saxophone - especially the sometimes mesmerizingly harmonic, sometimes downright dirty interplay with the guitar - makes "The Virtue Of Temperance" stand out even within this creative neighbourhood. This is just an amazing ride of vivid modern free jazz with a very distinctive - how often do you hear those jazz rock elements performed with a snarling upright bass? - original note.

That the artwork, as always by Jakob Skøtt himself, is a perfect fit to the trilogy, should be a given at this point.

Excellent stank face stuff!

the trilogy completed (?)

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