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cassette craze chronicles XVI (feat. ANGEL OLSEN, GOZ, SORDIDE)

I'm trying to hold myself back a little with music purchases (well, guess how successful I am with that), so it took a while for this new installment of my cassette craze chronicles. But here we are again!

GOZ - Domus (2022)

A bassist plays a solo.

No, it's not a setup for a bad musician joke, but the actual content of this album by Goz, also know as Conçalo Almeida, whose work with several bands and projects (among them Albatre and Spinifex) I've  already covered here. With the help of some effects he has created an intense and interesting work of experimental drone. It's clearly made for fans of the genre or the farer verges of jazz. For those the two A-side tracks "Epicurus" and "Domus" offer a quite unique characteristic voice. On the B-side things get a little more noisy and atmospheric at the same time, as in "Sinius" Goz is joined by a friendly bloke called Torture Corpse on synths and knobs and stuff (I guess).
A great buzzing, swelling, scratching piece of free-form music. Nicely packaged, I only wish there was a way to optically differantiate both sides of the tapes. That always bothers me little - and is of course also a common vinyl annoyance.

SORDIDE - Les Idées Blanches (2021)

Do I even want to talk about this album in detail? The French trio Sordide is going to perform it at Roadburn only two weeks from now, but it's going to happen parallel to Jo Quail's "The Cartographer", which is quite mandatory for me. You know the great Judas Priest hit "Victim Of Clashes", right?

Well, this album still is of course a great banger. The tape version not being the most typical WV Sorcerer Productions release, this is a pretty "big" and modern sounding black metal album, which often gives me vibes similar to classic Samael and Behemoth, yet also - mostly subtly - hints at Blut Aus Nord, dissonant death metal and dreamy blackgaze. Awesome!

ANGEL OLSEN - Aisles (2021)

No, it's now the newest idea out there. Among many others Miley Cyrus has done it actually quite convincing. Long before her Atrocity have done it quite atrocious.

Yes, this EP is a throwback to the 1980s featuring five more or less schlimm hits. "Gloria" (Laura Branigan), "Eyes Without A Face" (Billy Idol), "Forever Young" (Alphaville), you name it! But Angel Olsen's lush yet still minimalistic synth - plus the occasional cello or guitar - renditions  of these song makes you forget that you have heard enough of this for a lifetime. Her emotional but never knödelig voice doesn't hurt either. The laconic lana del reyish sluggishness in Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance" also suits her.
The only track I can't really get warm with is "If You Leave", probably because the original by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark already reminds me too much of Nena's "99 Luftballons" in certain passages.

All in all the roughly twenty-five minutes of this EP still remain an entertaining and given the subject matter astonishingly intriguing affair.

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