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KIKAGAKU MOYO - Hasenheide

Is this actually a review or rather a look what I have post? Or both? Well, let's see...

幾何学模様 KIKAGAKU MOYO - Hasenheide (Cream/Pink splatter vinyl LP) (2024)

In their ten years of existence the Japanese fulfilled themselves every wish you could possibly have as a Krautrock band which had come to life as just a jamming collective on the streets of Tokyo. I'm not sure if playing weddings was on their bucket list, but in June 2016 they were invited to play an open air show in honour of the marriage of Verena and Holger in Austria. Those two had seen the band one year prior at Duna Jam and were so struck by them that she said if they toured Europe, they would get married... and then he booked them.

Matching the exclusivity of the event itself the record, which first only went to the guests and helpers of the celebration, "Hasenheide" isn't available to order at any shop or website, but you have to know whom to write an email. Which isn't that hard, if you're a member of one of he most popular Psychedelic Music groups on Facebook. The price and shipping admittedly wasn't what I want to spend on music daily either, but I guess that applies more and more for everything concerning music anyway. You could also say, that if you buy a record today, you really should want to have it. And in this case the urge obviously was overwhelming, especially since I couldn't get my hands on their "Live at Leviation" album, when it was still at least relatively affordable.

Even though I'd say that Kikagaku Moyo, who I only got introduced to in 2018 at Roadburn (also saw them live in Hamburg twice and in Berlin), weren't even on the full height of their abilities here, their Deutsch/Japanese/Indian take on Psychedelic Rock of course is an exraordinary experience. And what this recording may lack in production values (very good and listenable bootleg quality, but certainly not perfect), it compensates with an almost physically touchable atmosphere. You can tell that people must a very special time right there. Really an awesome testament of this sadly disbanded group's greatness.

The record comes with the original invitation and four postcards with credits by the couple, the band and the guy who helped releasing this beautiful item, Justin Barwick, whose friendship and occasionally work with the band began at this very wedding. Some of the copies also include a photo print of the band and their audience, and I was lucky enough to get one of those.

All in all definitely a special release, which almost appears a bit too private to peek into from the outside as someone who doesn't these people of excellent music taste - yet luckily not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. No, this is just lovely and magical. What a band! 

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