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LUCIFER - Lucifer V

Ok, this will be a fast and not very deep review, but since I've just reviewed their show with Angel Witch and The Night Eternal in Flensburg - where I also picked up my copy - I guess it's better to be done with it quickly now than to procrastinate it and let it drown in the flood of other releases and shows I'm going to see in the coming days.

LUCIFER - Lucifer V (Gold/Black Splatter vinyl LP) (2024)

If you would investigate my past coverage of Lucifer starting from the unforgetable sweaty Roadburn show in 2015 you'll find that there's one yawning gap, as I didn't review their fourth album "IV", which I simply didn't buy in the year it was released. That's probably good, because every album after "Lucifer II" comes with the risk of inadvertently repeating myself. Which isn't a critique of the band not exactly being the King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard type, but rather an acknowledgement of Lucifer keeping up the high quality of their songwriting and warm analogue Rock'n'Roll sound, while keeping a consistent identity.

And it's really not that Johanna, Nicke and co. are playing the same song over and over again. Well, maybe there are one or two formulas which keep returning on each album... But ultimately this band will always deliver a great new bunch of tunes oozing with live energy and unmistakenly fired by a burning passion for the 70's Hard Rock and classic Metal paragons they are worshipping.

Lucifer don't like being labeled as a retro act and I'd agree in rather calling their music, which is fueled by the past, but makes it sound as fresh and exciting as a brand-new thing again and again timeless.
I just don't know another band which does this Heart and Coven-inspired occult straight-forward Rock thing like Lucifer does it. This band is authentic, catchy, classy and also plays this music to have and share a good time.

And does the singer's voice get better and better on each album? Probably. Honestly I don't care. It also doesn't matter whether the whole album is their best so far (also quite possible with every single track being a flawless banger once again, but way to soon to judge for me) or not. "Lucifer V" being what it is is enough in itself. I just want to make myself cozy inside my coffin, enjoy this and imagine James Bond being a vampire killer instead of a spy, while watching an imaginary opening sequence before my inner eye to the grand finale "Nothing Left To Lose But My Life".

The artwork of the gatefold album is as awesome as the look of the gold / black splatter vinyl version, which isn't necessarily a given, since Nuclear Blast Records is pretty notorious for milking collectors with colour variants that aesthetically don't even make any sense.

Speaking of the label: As much as I respect Lucifer's love for all things vintage and touchable, they keep working with labels (previously Rise Above Records and Century Media), which still refuse to accept that a digital download (be it on Bandcamp or your own service) coming with the record should be an established standard, especially given how expensive the black gold has gotten.

Luckily the pressing quality of this album is really top-notch and clean, which isn't only great in itself, but also makes creating your own copy a walk in the park.  

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