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Brrrrp brrroooop krrrrgh üüüuuurrgh!

If you're hoping that Dead Neanderthals will one day drop their chill-out cool jazz jam, the title and cover artwork of this impending cassette release should already tell you that this certainly is not it.

DEAD NEANDERTHALS - Blood Rite (2020)

No, instead of anything even closely reminiscent of jazz "Blood Rite" is one mean nasty hulk of a track, spanning exactly twenty-seven minutes, which are filled with almost ridiculously distorted, slowly crawling doom death that drags your rotten ear mercilessly through the pungent sludge.

Drummer René Aquarius also delivers - a first for Dead Neanderthals - vocals, which are the most guttural and bell witchy you can get. In true fundamentalist extreme metal underground (and also funeral doom) tradition they are deliberately buried deep in the intestines of the mix.
Yes, René's death metal side from Cryptae is bleeding into this recording with a chewy strand of gooey pus.

Of course Otto Kokke, the other half of the Dutch duo is also playing an instrument on "Blood Rite".

Yes, I know which instrument it is, but honestly it almost doesn't matter, because that Earth's core shattering distortion is so overwhelming, what difference does it make if the original sound is a flute, a marimba or a self-made lute with rubber band strings?

Just know that the whole sound of this is extremely old-school Sunn O))), droning, creeping, punishing in all the right ways. Actually the sonic direction is close to that of the also still very recent Neanderthals spinoff Twin Sister, yet this is definitely gnarlier and rawer.

So what's the verdict? This is good stuff, man! I don't care if it bores you, but once again Dead Neanderthals get a big gurgling Fuck Yeah! from me.

"Blood Rite" will be premiered and up for pre-sale on Monday on Bandcamp.

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