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TWIN SISTER - Twin Sister

Just a week ago there was supposed to be an excessive New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz extravaganza with Dead Neanderthals playing not one, not two, nor twelve, but at least four shows at  Roadburn Festival, and I was determined to see as many of those as possible.

But alas I can't go to festivals due to health reasons right now - and yes, there was also that other big thing which canceled almost every live music event worldwide.

In my ongoing efforts to distract myself from my own as well as the world's current shitty situation I've already dedicated a bunch of nostalgic photo posts to 2020's "Homeburn", and now I'm just in the middle of reviewing several new releases of bands who I was supposed  to see there, one of them being Twin Sister.

TWIN SISTER - Twin Sister (download) (2020)

But wait, why was I talking about the damn Dead Neanderthals? Because Twin Sister actually is a new project of the duet, with René Aquarius on drums as usual, Otto Kokke on keyboards instead of saxophone, teaming up with Sex Swing bass player Jason Stoll.

In typical Neanderthal fashion the five tracks of this album are based on very ascetic ideas without very much seeming to happen, at least on the surface.

So all in all this whole album is made of not much more than six riffs (Which is one point two per track, you calculated that right!) going through minimal transitions.

But boy, those riffs are serious as fuck!

In a way the swansification of Dead Neanderthals, which reached its peak on the "Ghosts" album, continues here, albeit I'd very much more classify Twin Sister as crushing post metal in the style of a conceptually reduced to the core Isis or Neurosis.
This is purest riff might, meant to break your body, hurt your feelings... and maybe also build you up again, in case you're receptive for the cathartic element of being hit with an neutron star.

Recommended for everyone with interests somewhere between heavy psych noise, post metal, droning avantgarde and no wave, or if you want to punish someone who really fucking hates stuff like that.

Ideally of course both.

"Twin Sister" will also be available on vinyl, but I'm sure you can already guess why the production is delayed... just can't escape the reach of that zombie apocalypse anywhere.

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