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MYTHIC SUNSHIP - Changing Shapes (Live At Roadburn)

Well, this was supposed to be a review about a vinyl release. But somehow I made it a personal sport to miss out on Mythic Sunship. Not entirely of course, but it's undoubtly a thing.

I saw parts of not only one, but two of their Roadburn 2019 performances, yet I missed the central happening in Het Patronaat, where they teamed up with a saxophone player to invoke the spirit of their sensational last album "Another Shape Of Psychedelic Music" due to that infamous clash with Triptykon, which so many fans suffered under.

I got another chance for that experience though, when the band did a similar thing at this year's Hell Over Hammaburg edition, but I didn't go there, because I already had plans for Bohren & der Club of Gore during the same week. (Yet those plans where crushed by me having to check into hospital.)

At that point I had already ordered the vinyl pressing of "Changing Shapes" with the missed Roadburn show, but to save postage I bought it at a German retailer, who ended up not being able to deliver it. Since I'm still hoping that there will be a repress rather sooner than later due to high demand, I haven't canceled that order yet.

But meanwhile I wasn't ready to settle for another shape of sound carrier... until the band itself used Homeburn (= fans celebrating pretend Roadburn in lack of the real thing) as an oppurtunity to give away the download for free. Ok, can't say no to that!   

MYTHIC SUNSHIP - Changing Shapes (Live At Roadburn) (download) (2020)

You may have noticed my specific wording that Mythic Sunship "invoked the spirit" of "Another Shape Of Psychedelic Music". That is because they did explicitly not play the album in full. In fact as a fully improvisational band they never recreate studio songs.
The aim for this show was just to get into the same headspace that fueled the album, so moods and motifs are familiar here and there, but as a whole the overall shape has indeed changed, while still being absolutely faithful to the original inspiration.

In five tracks (one is CD/download only) Mythic Sunship are playing themselves into a wild, yet somehow still controlled ecstasis of fuzzy stoner riffs and psychedelic rock, infused with a surprisingly authentic free jazz spirit, mainly, but not exclusively provided by Søren Skov's smooth saxophone. Their chemistry together - that's proven right from the beginning - has not been a one-off. It's an absolute pleasure to hear how they stir this ship through the most adventurous waters, even splashing at the edge of chaos sometimes, but never at risk of drowning in it.

Mythic Sunship live at the Ladybird Skatepark / Roadburn
There are of course a lot of parallels in Mythic Sunship's music to their labelmates Causa Sui and Kanaan, who both are regularly following the traces of Miles Davis resp. Mahavishnu Orchestra. Mythic Sunship are adding some serious Coleman and Coltrane vibes to the fold with both the "Shape" studio album and this congenial live alteration.

If you're more a psych purist or rock / metal guy who's unfamiliar with all these jazz names, but you really dig this show (as you should, because otherwise what is wrong with you?), this is your cue, man! Dive into all that shit, find enormous joy and inspiration and thank these brave sonic seamen from Denmark!

It's still a shame I didn't witness this event in person, but this live recording is the best possible consolation. Still want that black gold though, so El Paraiso, please fire up the pressing plant for a second edition, because this Mythic Sunshit truly rips!

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