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THE DAY BEFORE (a full frame fisheye medium format photo series)

Here's a complete film which I shot on March 2nd 2020, meaning a couple of weeks ago this year. But it seems like an eternity ago, right?

It was actually the last day in freedom before my hospitalization and the radical change of my personal as well as everyone's public life.

All this has of course nothing to do with the pictures themselves. I took them with my heavy, too rarely used Kiev 88 medium format camera, in combination with the even more sparsely used Arsat 3.5/30 lens*, which is a 180 degree full frame fisheye. Whether the typical "blobby" fisheye effect jumps right into your face or comes more subtle is strongly dependent on the framing and composition of each picture. I like that, because it means that it still matters what I'm doing, instead of just relying on a gimmick.

As film I used an expired (August 2011) Ilford Delta 3200. A film that highly sensitive in normal day light is an unnecessary "you don't do that" luxury. But it creates a beautiful grain. 

* Given that I haven't used this lens for so long (I honestly wasn't even sure if it still worked properly, since I sometimes had one or two frames missing, and didn't want to upset myself.) a second Kiev 88 Fisheye gallery is among the long overdue updates of my personal (and probably still/again super outdated) personal homepage:

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