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VOIVOD - Hybercube Session III - Dimension Hatröss


Fuck yeah, here we are again! Just a couple of weeks after them playing "Nothingface" in full, Voivod just presented another stream from their Hypercube, this time dedicated to the previous album classic "Dimension Hatröss".

In itself this isn't quite as big as a deal as the last streaming event, since that album had been performed live before, most notibly of course in Tilburg in 2012, which started my own whole Roadburn Festival history, which led to countless doors to rabbit hole after rabbit hole opening...

This was still more than just worthwhile to watch though, because again the performance and production were just amazing. With all "Dimension Hatröss" songs having been in their setlists before, the band played even more seasoned and confident, while the filming and video production also stepped up a notch.
But above all the sound, man! The sound was just crazy good again. It's no exegarration to say that these tracks have been heard so clearly and powerful before.

This time there was just one break in the middle of the album, in which Snake told the story of old gear boxes, which were stored at Jason Newsted's studio since the last Ozzfest show of the Jasonic era line-up in 2003. One guitar crate of the great late Piggy felt like a time capsule and included two still working space toy weapons.

In the live performance these two guns reappeared when Voivod played that one song they had switched against "Jack Luminous" at Roadburn eleven years ago, the "Hatröss" CD version bonus track, their infamous cover version of the good old "Batman" theme. Big fun including the fitting video projections.

Once again the Canadian sci-fi thrash legends made the absolute most of this whole streaming world we are (almost) all still living in.
Should all these Hypercube Session be released as one Blu Ray/CD bundle or something similiar one day, that might just be not only the ultimate nostalgic release for old fans, but a great place to start the Voivod journey for beginners.

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