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It took me an extra round to get the analogue pictures from my June trip to Berlin (where I saw Kikagaku Moyo, Mong Tong, Björk and the Quartet Berlin-Tokyo live and also shot a lot of Digital Harinezumi picures) to a laboratory that would develop them. Not many of those are working with Instamatic film anymore, which shouldn't come as a huge surprise, since noone has  been producing this material for years now. Which is a shame, since I really love these primitive Kodak cameras and the small square format.

I don't even know how old this cartridge of Kodacolor VR CL 126 was, but it must have expired in the 1990s, if not even 1980s for sure.

The photo service which ultimately ended up developing my film ironically has its store in Berlin, not far from Alexanderplatz - just where I shot my last frame. So in hindsight I really could have saved myself some time and trouble here.

At least I now know what do do once I decide to fill my other 126 film - which only has twelve black and white frames. But back to this one: I probably could have been a little more creative or at least picky with some subjects, but overall I'm quite happy with the results, since where the photographer was lacking, the expired colours and shit of course saved the day.

After that last shot I switched to medium format and my Adox Golf filled with Orwo NP 15 (expired 05/1991). I only took one picture with it in Berlin though, so here is that one as a bonus:

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