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How time flies! Nah, not really this time I guess... Anyway, it's time for a little roundup of my last four reviews on Veil of Sound again!

THE NUDE SPUR - The Nude Spur (CD) (2023)

I've been writing a lot about various (all at least relatively new) releases of Hückelhovian drummer Jörg Schneider here recently: two albums by Teen Prime, the epic Ambient Drone Free Jazz of Glimmen and three albums of his Schneider Collaborations series, seeing him teaming up with the guitar players N, Barley Rantilla and Thomas Kranefeld.

The chaotic Avantgarde Free Jazz Rock chemistry with the latter was so fruitful that they recorded a whole second album together, which was quite similar to "Schneider Kranefeld", but also different enough with a weirdly consistent Western vibe, that they decided to give it its own new band name The Nude Spur. The tracks are just called "Sheriff, You Forgot Your Pants" (Parts 1 to 7) and in its entirety it's just a gloriously mind-boggling high-energy clusterfreak of absolutely bonkers improvisation with lots of crazy Bill Frisell vibe.

Love this fun beast and its accordingly weird CD digipak presentation! 

POIL UEDA - Yoshitsune (transparent blue vinyl LP) (2023)

There's no doubt that I adore PoiL Ueda's second album in one year after the self-titled debut as well. In fact I deemed it great enough to crown the double pack of these two my third-favorite album of the year 2023!

The combination of Zeuhl-ish King Crimson Prog / Math Rock with traditional Japanese Satsuma-Biwa and Shomyo music and vocals to is just so breathtakingly wild, captivating and unique. There's truly nothing alse like it! I don't think that I will ever fully comprehend the whole genius of this spectacular French-Japanese project. Amazing stuff!

Just as "Yoshitsune" is a musical continuation of the first album, the artwork is made in the same beautiful style, making this an all-around wonderful item.

KARA DELIK - Singularities I - IV (2023)

Not every cross-cultural goodness can come as radically out of the blue as PoiL Ueda, but that doesn't mean that Kara Delik's Anatolian-flavoured mix of Post Punk, Dub, Krautrock and whatever the trio feels like doing isn't an action-packed wild and entertaining ride.

Over the course of last year the Berlin-based band released four seven inch "Singularities" on 7", and if you're only half as receptive for fearless Rock experimentation and Orientalisms, these little gems should all be more than worth your time!

MINERALL - Bügeln (2024)
Last but not least we have another trio consisting of members of Speck, Kombynat Robotron and Zone Six. Yeah, guess who!

This album was recorded during their first gathering in January of 2023. "Bügeln" is one only minimally edited piece of fantastic spontanous Psychedelic Rock improvisation, informed by the great chemistry of its players - a very coherent, but never dragging, always gripping chunk of dynamic, here atmospheric, there heavy Space Kraut.

Combine that with an unexpected, yet somehow weirdly fitting cover artwork and there's really nothing left to be desired. Awesome Sulatron release, available digitally and on vinyl.

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