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LOOP - Array 1

"Welcome aboard Array 1!
 Your captain on this flight is Robert Hampson.

Please fasten your seatbelts!
Stay strapped for the durance of the takeoff until we have left the exosphere!

The crew wishes you a pleasant psychedelic journey."

LOOP - Array 1 (12" EP) (2015)

+ engines set +
+ rhythmic machinery working steady +
+ low freq. pumps running smooth on max. pulsation +
+ fuzzy chord progression online +
+ hydraulic vocal emission compressor activated +
+ adding extra fuzz +

"Dear passengers, we are now half way between The Heads Nebula and the Godflesh cluster, approaching the periphery of the comet's tail.

Please turn of all cellphones and other mobile devices!"

"The static buzz we are experiencing is caused directly by the debris in the gravitational field of the comet. Don't worry, the flight will go back to normal soon."

"London, we have a problem!"

"Dear passengers, unfortunately we won't reach our destination in time. While entering the asteroid field our outer shell has been slightly damaged, exposing some sections of the ship to the interplanetary drone . We've set an emergency call and are currently waiting for help from Array 2.

In the meatime please enjoy our onboard music program!
There are some nice hypnotic tracks waiting for you on the headphones next to your seats."

Anspieltipps: Radial, Aphelion

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